The Time Has Come Once Again To Review A New Program – MP45


MP45? What is that thing? Well, in case you haven’t been paying attention to the internet ads, Facebook fitness groups, and Google results for best fitness programs, MP45 seems to be the newest and “hottest” workout system where some people are claiming these amazing results in just 45 days. Yes, you read that right, only 45 days. Of course, me being me, I already have an opinion about this program based on the pictures I have seen and the blogs I’ve kind of over read when looking for reviews. Personally I believe this whole 45 days transformation claims are total BULLSHIT with capital letters. Yes, I don’t care what anyone says, 45 days to go from obese to rip with ridiculous abs and a decent amount of muscle mass? Seriously, GTFO!

I follow online many professional athletes, people who compete in fitness contests, people who are professionals, people who are knowledgeable, people who either have years of experience or have spent months and years (not a weekend taking a seminar to get a certification that allows you to become a leader of a cult… oops), and absolutely no one will come up with such a ridiculous claim that they can turn anyone into a fitness looking freak in just 45 days. I’ve done P90X in the past, a super intense fitness program and while I have achieved amazing results in just 90 days, not even those who do P90X (except for a few bullshitters who want to fool people into joining their coaching teams) will claim such a drastic transformation unless they have done the program more than once.

SO…. what am I going to do about it besides calling it bullshit. Well, considering that not only I truly believe those people who show the 45 transformation didn’t get such results in just 45 days, but also are probably paid by the owner of the program, since they offer people to become affiliates, I decided I will do this program, committing myself 100% to the nutrition plan and workout split (like I have before with other programs), and give a complete accurate and honest review of the program.

Because I’m currently 3 weeks away of finishing the current program I’m doing (my diet has been crap, which in a way is great so I don’t have the best body/muscle definition by when I’m done with the program), on March 7 I will officially start MP45 and take a picture on a daily basis for my weekly review of the program, which will take about 6 weeks to finish? Somewhere around that. So I’m really hoping the creator of this program somehow discovered the magical workout plan that belonged to Merlin, and makes me eat my own words.

Keep tune for more on March 7

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