About Me


My name is Yassel. I was born and raised in Cuba and I’ve been living in South Florida for the past 17 years. I’m a former Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist.

I’m extremely passionate about fitness, photography, outdoor activities, nature, tattoos, music, video, and the how the universe works.

Although I would never consider myself a fitness expert at all, I have achieved different goals and great results with different fitness programs I have tried. My fitness achievements include P90X, P90X2, MAX-OT, and my most recent and significant accomplishment has been a Sprint and a Super Spartan races. I suffered from chronic ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome also known as Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome) but with proper exercising I managed to become ITBS free.

My next goals are to complete a Beast Spartan Race, a Dash Warrior Race, a Battle Frog Race and a Tough Mudder Race.

I can be found on Instagram under yass4fitness, where I’ll be posting photos of my progress, at the gym, etc.