A little bit of a rant!

Hello internet world! Sometimes I feel like the only audience I attract to this blog are spammers, since I get so many spam comments I have to delete, but not even one from people who might find this blog useful?

I’m not really sure what kind of audience I’m attracting to my blog, but looking at the stats below, just from today, I would expect someone would either ask any question or start a debate about my posts.

In any case, I really hope my posts are helping people out there to decide whether or not they should try any of the programs I have reviewed here, even if I don’t hear from anyone at all.

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New Workout Plan


After such a huge disappointment with MP45 (or as I call it, MPieceOfCrap45), I am putting
together a workout routine for my own needs an capabilities. The idea is to make proper adjustments during the first week  figuring out what amount of sets and exercises will work for me, mostly based on how much time I’m willing to spend at the gym. The current split I’ll be doing is a two days of heavy lifting (lower and upper body), one rest day, followed by moderate to lighter weight routines distributed as follows. One legs days, one back and biceps day, one chest and triceps day, a rest day and a shoulders and traps day. Cardio and abs will be extra to this split. I’m not planning on a weekly split, but instead on consecutive days, which will make each day of the week different from the previous week. Also, I’m dedicating a day just for shoulders since Read more