MP45 Review – Week 1

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Is this how I look after completing one week of MP45? By the end of this post you’ll know whether or not that’s the case.

This is my first official review of the MP45 fitness program after one week of following both the exercises routines and meal plan. The workout plan doesn’t get any easy, although I’m disappointed at the description of phase 1 of getting acclimated by the creator of this plan when stating “focusing on full body workouts 3 times during the week plus 2 cardio workouts on different days”. My main issue with this, being someone who has been working out for a while, is the lack of focus on muscle groups. I’m a huge fan of giving each muscle group plenty of attention, especially working my shoulders a lot since they are muscles I’m trying to develop more, but for now I’ve been limited to what the program suggests. As part of my review I have to stick to the plan, even if I would prefer to be doing a wider variety of exercises and targeting muscle groups directly. But in order to be accurate and prove this plan can’t give the results they claim, I have to just go with he flow.

So, what other issues I have encountered with the program? When it comes to the PDF, it is very poorly written. There are instructions that make no sense at all. For instance, one of the instructions seems to ask to increase weight on each set after already fatiguing your muscle on the previous set, making it absolutely impossible to increase the weight. Now, this is an assumption because the note is absolutely confusing. I even asked a friend to help me decipher the instructions and she agreed with me it is far from being clear and possible indicated what I assumed. Also, in various occasions the plan indicates to do warm up sets for an exercise (legs exercise), but right after tells you to do a different exercise (arms exercise). Or to warm up for a muscle group and then describe the exercises you already did for another muscle group. Kind of insane if you ask me. what

When it comes to meals, sometimes the plan asks you to eat 8 times a day, while others you have 6 meals… if you can describe a small amount of protein with water as a meal. The amount of coffee suggested to drink is ridiculous, especially for someone who doesn’t drink coffee like myself (Wait, what? You don’t drink coffee? What a weirdo).

In general, and as I mentioned on my previous post, this isn’t a program for beginners. I guarantee you if you do this program without previous muscle conditioning, you will either be sore for weeks, or you won’t be able to finish a full workout if you really push yourself to meet the reps and sets goals.

So, what’s the MY plan then? The plan is to weight and measure myself by the end of each week plus take daily pictures (which by the end of the week I realized this is tiring and totally a waste of time, not only because those daily transformation people are showing are not real, but also because once a week is more than enough to show results if they happen), to track the progress. Things I will be looking for are body composition changes, including increase or decrease of muscle mass, body fat, and weight (this one is kind of irrelevant). Muscle and body fat are the two main factors I’ll be paying attention to very closely, mainly because I will hate if I lose muscle volume because of a program with a poor meal plan (not saying that’s the case YET) that doesn’t go hand to hand with the amount of exercises that need to be done. And of course, body fat because as expected, it needs to decrease (supposedly in 45 days you’ll go from being a Sumo Wrestler to a Lazar Angelov physique).

In any case, here are small reviews of how each day went for me during this past week.

Day 1- As mentioned before, while I’ve been working out for a while (even if my current pictures makes you think I haven’t), I don’t consider this program to be beginner friendly. The level of intensity, if each set is done properly, looking for failure, is very intense. Also, even when timing the breaks betweens sets and exercises, it was literally impossible to finish the workout in one hour.

Day 2- A cardio based workout with lots and lots of running. This could be a major issue for those who either have bad knees or don’t run at all. I got to the point my left knee was bothering me a little. I was able to finish the workout, but I see myself looking for an alternative. Either running for warm up and then replace the actual running workout with elliptical or other form of cardio, or I’ll have to see what can I do to get to run without having my knees get affected.

Day 3- This workout was a little harder than Day 1 considering the fact the break time between sets was 45 seconds. The amount of exercises is just ridiculous. More exercises have been added to the routine which extended the total length of the workout to over 2:30 hours.

Day 4- Rest day. Very much appreciated and nothing to talk about here. I’m not sore because prior to beginning this program I was already lifting a lot. BUT since I’m not a runner, my tibialis anterior and probably the fibularis brevis are kind of sore.

Day 5- Today’s workout proved to me that whoever put together this workout is out of his f*cking mind and those who have posted reviews praising this program as the best world are 110% full of S…. Now, why do I say that? Because who in their right mind would think it is healthy or productive at all a workout that asks you to do a full body workout where all sets are strip-sets (more than 3 times dropping weights), looking for failure reps each time and only getting 30 seconds break in between sets, and I’m not talking about 30 seconds break between dropping weight, that only takes a couple of seconds when changing weight using the machines, I’m talking in between each full strip-set. Not only this is definitely NOT beginner friendly, but also, even for those who lift weight regularly like myself (6 times a week), it is absolutely insane. I can’t talk for professional athletes, but if I had to guess, this kind of workout would be more like what they would do. Therefore, today’s workout has been crowned the King of the ________ (choose any of the following: impossible, puking, passing out, stupid, crazy ass, idiotic, wtf) workout. Thank you very much.

Day 6- Today was pretty much a mess if you ask me. Low calories was already giving me a slight headache, add to that a cardio session, of course it would be kind of hellish. I was hungry the whole day and in my own personal opinion, calories were too low for my body weight/composition.

Day 7- Rest day. Once again, very appreciated but looking forward to the new phase tomorrow to see what’s next with this program.


Below you can see my pictures, taken everyday in the morning before drinking any water or eating any food. Underneath you can see the pictures of one of the people who claim drastic changes in just one week. Which changes do you think are more realistic?

And last but not least, at the end of this post you can find the measurements taken before and after this week doing MP45. So, go ahead and be the judge and leave any comments if you’d like.

MP45 Week 1 Progress Pictures

MP45 Week 1 Progress

NOTE: The following pictures are what this guy claims to be his progress in one week. Obviously, there are more than a few things wrong about the pictures, besides the fact this is definitely not a one week progress. Posture is a big issue in these pictures. He seems to be pushing his stomach out on the first and second picture. shoulders forward and kind of curved back, as he takes the other pictures he contracts the abdomen giving the impression of losing the belly, pulls the shoulders back and gets a more straight posture, all giving the impression of a transformation that anyone would love to have if this was possible to achieve in one week.


Measurement Day 1 Day 7
Weight 196.6 LB 190.4
Shoulders 52″ 50.5″
Chest 45.25″ 44.25″
R. Arm 17.5″ 17.25″
R. Thigh 25.75″ 25″
Waist 35″ 34.75″
Hips 36.5″ 36.25″

Note: My initial weight of 196.6 lbs might have been affected by the fact the two previous days my diet was kind of high in carbs, which of course causes water retention, so the whole 6.2 lbs drop in one week has to be wrong considering it surely has to do with water.

In conclusion, the only thing that me and the picture at the beginning of this blog have in common is how I feel on this low caloric days and how ridiculous is the working out with 30 seconds break between strip down sets.

Update: See my final review for this program >>HERE<< and why I truly believe this program is a scam.

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  • September 2, 2017 at 9:58 am

    I took some time off from working out and then started the program. By the end of day 3 I couldn’t do much on day 4. Not giving up but definitely have to extend this program. I’m not gonna kill myself


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