Team ATRAIN Progress and Review

If you haven’t seen or heard of Anthony Perez from TEAM ATRAIN on Instagram, you’re probably haven’t been following the right fitness accounts.This guy is a competitor, a beast, has a killer body and has it all figured out.

After coming from doing different methods to get in shape and up to some level achieving great success, I realized there was one thing I was still unable to achieve, gaining mass without gaining body fat. Last year after I tore my rotator cuff and I had to stay away from the gym for 3 months, which during time, I put on some undesired weight. Emotionally it affected me that I was injured and unable to do any exercises without being in pain. This lead me to not pay much attention to what I was eating (comfort food) and ended with a higher body fat percentage. After I finally recovered to some extend and successfully finishing a Super Spartan Race, I decided to sign up for Anthony’s online coaching. I had been following his account for a while on Instagram and his clients had shown great results. I had nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

The process was pretty simple. We talked about my goals, he provided me with a customized plan to get it done. At the beginning I had some trouble as to how I needed to measure my meals. It wasn’t complicated, but I wasn’t used to his method. It took me a week and I was already familiar with it and didn’t have any issues following his program as instructed.

The plan had been designed to drop body fat and gain muscle mass. Considering I signed up for 12 weeks of training, which I’m aware is a very short time to achieve my personal goals, I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. Yes, previously I had achieved a lot of 12 weeks, but I had never successfully gained as much muscle as I wish I had. So I followed the plan from beginning to end and soon realized changes were happening and this plan really works.

At one point, due to unknown reasons, I started having major headaches which after and ER visit, several tests and seeing different specialists, no one could figure out what it was and because of it the doctor prohibited me any form of exercises for 3 weeks. Right after I was able to continue the program, kept gain incredibly strength and improving my body in all possible ways. Even exercises I couldn’t do due to some discomfort from my rotator cuff, I am now able to do them with heavy weights.

Based on the picture below, you will see the amazing results I achieved with his plan. With only 2 lbs difference, the changes around my core are mind blowing. My arms are bigger and my back is more defined. I went from 540 lbs on legs press to 700 lbs. Deadlifts from 225 lbs to 285 lbs and soon to hit the 300 lbs. I’m even doing flat bench press with 90 lbs for 13 reps and sometimes even more, with no spotter.

The biggest surprise for me was when comparing this two sets of pictures from when I first started and the present, and realizing I wasn’t as in shape as I thought it was.  In my opinion the changes were drastic and I am beyond pleased with them. This has been a unique experience, a transforming one. Learned how to approach fitness from a angle, and for the first time I was able to not focus on body weight, but instead on losing body fat while gaining muscle mass.

Conclusion? I do recommend to reach out to Anthony if you really don’t want to waste your time figuring things out and instead just get help from someone who won’t will provide you with what you need to succeed.

Progress Using ATrain Plan

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