Day 2 of Shortcut to Shred

Hey everyone, today was my second day doing Shortcut to Shred so I decided to go ahead and give you an updated about what I think of the program so far, what my nutrition looks like and show my day 1 pictures.

Yesterday morning, after I woke up I did what I always suggest everyone to do before starting a new workout program, and that is to take the “before” pictures. I learned this from P90X and it is totally worth it, because pictured don’t lie, while the scale usually does. I also weighted myself and weighted myself and used a cheap caliper to calculate my body fat. I do want to mention, I use this calculation as a reference, not as an accurate measurement. I am fully aware my body fat is higher than the number I got, but it is a good idea to use the same technique for reference purposes.

My current stats as of yesterday morning.

Weight: 184.2 lbs
Waist: 33.5″
Body Fat: 12.98%
Lean Body: 160.3 lb
Fat: 23.9 lb

The Workout

Day 1
The first workout was Chest and Triceps. While I do feel a little sore today, and during the exercises I left as heavy as I could possible go for, I had to take too many undesired breaks because most of the equipments were in use. One of the reasons why gyms annoy me at times. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty decent workout.

Day 2
Today’s workout was Shoulders and Legs. Now, today was a whole different story. I really felt the intensity today. Although the workout gives you the option to include super sets and an additional cardio exercise in between sets, or to chose from one or the other, I elected for including both. I already can tell tomorrow my calves will be sore. I was exhausted by the end of the workout. Yet, I haven’t experience one of the complains I read online by a few people, which is that due to the cardio in between sets they couldn’t lift as heavy as they usually could. Personally, I was able to lift as heavy as usual without any issue.


I know for many the workout might seem long and tedious, especially if the person doesn’t skip the super sets and cardio. I don’t mind working out for more than one hour. I have done it before and to me is not an issue. While this is completely different from what I have done in the past, if a workout makes me feel I didn’t waste my time at the gym, I am totally up for it, and that has been the case so far. It does take a lot of energy and commitment to do all the exercises suggested, but I find that to be part of the challenge.

Day 1
Day 1

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