2017 will be a year of fitness endurance and madness!

I know, we’re not even half way through this year and I’m already planning my fitness goals for 2017, but with my fitness/physical background, it is something I should be getting ready for starting right now. My friends from MyFitnessPal say I’m not crazy, but after coming up with this goals for next year, I’m not too sure they are right about that. At the end, it seems the older I get, the crazier are the ideas I’m getting when it comes to fitness. So here are my 2017 fitness goals, and what I’m planning on doing to get ready for them.

1- A Spartan Race Trifecta
• Spartan Sprint
• Spartan Super
• Spartan Beast
2- An Olympic Triathlon
• Swim 0.93mi (1.5km)
• Bike 24.8mi (40km)
• Run 6.2mi (10km)
3- The 50 mile Fakawi Mountain Bike Fest

Now, you might think with so many fitness programs I’ve done I shouldn’t have any problems achieving these goals next year, but that’s where you (whoever is reading this blog) is wrong. You need to understand two very important aspects of my fitness background. I don’t do cardio and I suffered from major ITBS. I have focused on weight lifting, and either circuit training or HIIT for my cardio since ITBS wouldn’t allow me to run for more than 5 minutes before my knees would be in major pain. Then, knowing long cardio sessions are not recommended for those trying to gain muscle size, I always avoided any form of cardio, except for my latest hobby which is riding mountain bike. Yet, I have done two Spartan races (since you get to stop every now and then to complete obstacles) and recently I did a 30 mile Fakawi Mountain Bike Fest.

My first training goal is to get to run 6.2 miles, which is something I haven’t been able to do EVER. For that, I’ll be using the Easy 10k With Jeff Galloway app for iOS. Knowing the Triathlon won’t be until next year, I have plenty of time to train and see if my knees can handle this first phase of the training, by not getting back any of the ITBS pain. If I am able to reach that goal, my second goal would be to ride the 24.8 miles on a road bike, which that isn’t an issue at all, followed by the 6.2 miles run. That right there would be another achievement. And last but not least, I need to train swimming the 0.93 mile, and combine it with the bike ride and run. While I know how to swim, I haven’t swim in a long time, and my swimming technique is not the proper one, so I’ll have to focus on that as well to avoid wasting unnecessary energy.

That training alone would be more than enough to do the 50 mile Fakawi ride, and to finish each of the Spartan races (at least the running/endurance part). Now, for strength training I have a different plan. I’ll be dividing the training in phases, mainly because I will do different fitness programs to put my body through a variety of weight lifting training.

First I’m going back to my roots (so to speak). P90X was my first major fitness program to try which gave me amazing results. This time I’m going to try P90X3. The idea is to break the gym routine for 90 days, getting leaner and helping with my endurance. After that, I’ll jump back in the gym for the all famous StrongLift 5 x 5 (<<< not sure if that’s the real website or it is just a random website that talks about this program), followed by a strength targeting program put together by me.

Also, as part of doing the P90X3 routine, I’m going to be building a Muay Thai punching bag stand which will allow me to do pull ups and dips with hanging rings instead of using a static or fixed pull-up bar and dips handles (I’ll post the instructional video to build one below). The cool thing about this is, I’ll also be able to train my punching and kicking techniques while getting some cardio done at the same time. All part of the endurance training.

It is a lot to do, but this training will help me get physically and mentally ready as well for a year full of accomplishments. And unless the 5×5 training helps me get to my 400 lbs deadlifts new goal and break my 265 lbs bench press PR, I will focus on my one-rep max goals after I’m done with all the races.

Here’s the instructional video for the punching bag stand.

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