Week 2 of Shortcut to Shred

Here I am, two weeks into the program and about to start my third week of STS (or S2S like some like to call it). So, what has been different about this second week? Not much really, other than reps per set and of course decreasing my carbohydrates. While the first 3 days of training the reps range decreased, allowing me to go heavier on each exercise, during the remaining 3 days of the week the reps increased, which of course, had me using less weight to meet the reps goals. One of my concerns was how my body would react to eating 93.6 g of carbs less a day, but my body reacted nice to it, not making feel with less energy.

This week marked two main personal records which I have been looking forward to for a while already, one more than the other. Although squats have never been my favorite exercise, I had been stuck on 200 lbs for a while, and I finally was able to squat 230 lbs. My goal wasn’t about reaching that weight but at least getting over the 200 lbs. Now, my main goal was in regards to deadlifts. I have been wanting to reach the 300 lbs, not only I was able to deadlift 305 lbs for one set, but I also was able to do a second set with the same weight, not feeling out of breath, lightheaded or exhausted afterwards, as you can see on the video below.

For now, my nutrition plan virtually looks the same way, so I don’t need to make any big changes.

Macros Day 0 Week 1 Week 2
Protein 276 g 273.6 g 272.7 g
Carbs 276 g 182.4 g 181.8 g
Fats 92 g 90.9 g 91.2 g

This week the weight difference was not as much, but then again, my goal is not weight loss but fat loss.

Stats Day 0 Week 1 Week 2
Weight 184.2 182.3 181.8
Waist 33.50″ 33.00″ 32.75″
Body Fat 12.98 % 12.68 % 12.37 %

Once again, this body fat percentage is very inaccurate, based on the cheap caliper I am using and the fact that I am measuring it myself. This is just for reference purposes.

And here is my photo comparison. Starting next week I will be using only the first set of pictures and the current ones after each week.

Week 2 STS Progress
Shortcut to Shred Progress

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